adidas Originals Camouflage Pack – Spring/Summer 2013



The adidas Originals team is ready to preview one of their upcoming Spring/Summer ’13 packs, featuring one of the most popular and iconic graphics for menswear: desert camo. Featuring the hot militant design across 10 different pieces, adidas went full-on serving up the apparel, accessories, and the five different footwear options all with the Desert Storm-era print. Specifics on the pieces include the lightweight Colorado windbreaker, the British-cut Court Camp jacket, a mesh snapback cap, and five different footwear options, with the warm-weather Espadrilles and adilette sandals standing out from the group. Finally, adi O gives you the chance to pack up all your new gear in a canvas duffle bag or backpack, which carry the same tan accents and Trefoil branding as the other pieces. Queuing up for a release in the coming weeks, stay tuned for specific drop information as it becomes available.

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 01

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 02

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 03

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 04

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 05

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 06

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 07

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 08

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 09

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 10

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 11

adidas-originals-springsummer-2013-camouflage-pack- 12