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LaCie Blade Runner External Hard Drive | By Philippe Starck

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Influenced by the growing role that technology has over our lives and its ability to affect how we see our world, French designer Philippe Starck has collaborated with LaCie to create a limited edition hard drive called the Blade Runner. Limited to only 9,999 units, each piece combines what Starck calls "a mystifying shell" within a series of blades that act as both a cage and as a radiator to keep the inner core cool by letting air circulate around the drive. The Blade Runner is a four pound, 4TB hard drive that connects to your device via an USB 3.0 and it also includes 10GB of Wuala cloud storage. There's also a single LED power button that glows to show drive activity, giving design-conscious consumers no reason to hide this unit; instead Starch this to be viewed more as a functional piece of art in place of the bland boxes usually serving the same role. The Blade Runner comes with a sticker price of $299 from LaCie's online store as well as select specialty retailers around the globe.

via: GP