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R.I.P. - Per-Ivan Hagberg - Founder of Dunderdon + K.G.A.T. + A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. Denim

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Long before the current interest in heritage design and prior to the resurgence of workwear as a fashionable staple, there was the Scandinavian apparel label Dunderdon. While lesser known in comparison with the likes of Carhartt WIP and Dickies, Dunderdon  nevertheless won a fiercely loyal following since its establishment in 1997.  This was due to its beautifully made workwear, an ideal mix of premium materials and a Scandinavian reinterpretation of form and function. But another factor of the brand's cult-like popularity was its founder, Per-Ivan Hagberg. A carpenter by trade, Hagberg stumbled upon his interest in fashion after a few stints within the industry. Sensed the missing link between consumers' wishes and tradespeople's needs,  Hagberg started Dunderdon via one pair of workpants. Gradually, the serial entrepreneur filled it with a full collection for men, women, even branched out to two other speciality labels, K.G.A.T. outerwear and A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. denim.  Sadly, after a hard fought battle with cancer, Per-Ivan Hagberg passed away last month. Already with such a track record in what really was Hagberg's second career, imagine all the would-be possibilities...

In honoring Per-Ivan Hagberg's long list of accomplishments, Dunderdon's New York flagship store is having a close-out sale now till this Sunday. All merchandise marked 50% to 75% off as the store wraps up its operation for the final time. So swing by to help celebrate cherished memories and friendship made over the last 16 years.

Dunderdon New York
25 Howard Street | Map
New York, NY 10013

Sales Dates: Now - January 13th, 2013 (Sunday)