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LEGO - Mindstorms EV3 - iPhone Controllable Kit

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If you're going around telling people that you're playing with LEGOs and you're able to meet the height requirements to go on any amusement park ride in the country, you should understand why you may get more than a few odd looks. That is, of course, until they see what you are actually creating using LEGO's third generation Mindstorm EV3 programmable robotics platform, which was just unveiled at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas, NV. This kit marks the first time that builders can program their creations directly using the EV3's "Intelligent Brick," opening the possibility for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to communicate with the device instead of just a computer-based program. Using a Linux-based operating system and an ARM processor, the Mindstorms has 16MB of memory, 64MB of RAM, and - if that isn't enough - an SD expansion slot, allowing users to connect to their creations through wi-fi, bluetooth, or USB ports connected to their iOS or Android systems. The kit includes 594 technic pieces that can be used to make any of the 5 featured designs, with 12 additional ones coming later in summer 2013, as well as a "two-eyed" infrared sensor that can pick-up remote signals or be programmed to locate the small infrared remote. You can expect the Mindstorms EV3 to hit the shelves in the late summer for $350. 

via: FCD