OUTLIER - Supermoon Soft Core Vest


Insulated vests provide you with a lot of freedom: keeping your core warm, they allow your arms to move free and be active. And this latest from OUTLIER combines English tweed wool with Supermarine Cotton for a dry, versatile warmth that - we must agree with the brand here - "makes one damn good looking vest." Its inner liner includes highly breathable, superfine New Zealand merino combined with 120 gram Primaloft Infinity insulation so you get a highly breathable layer, but also one that is dry and versatile enough to keep you from overheating if you need to do a bit of work when the temps are low. Finished with tough and durable Excella zippers, two front pockets, and one rear pocket, this is the perfect combination of old world style with modern age technology. Purchase it now directly OUTLIER's online shop for $345.