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Re/Create New York Auction: Mr. A Painting from Andre Saraiva to Hurricane Sandy Relief

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, artists from around the country and the world have come together to help raise money and awareness for the victims and their damaged communities. In the last few weeks, we have previewed Mishka's "Keep Watch" T-shirt, Sebastian Errazuriz's underwater "I LOVE NY" shirt, and, earlier today, the upcoming RE/CREATE New York Auction and the Gold Arrow Pin designed by Kim Jones, all aimed at supporting the organizations that are on the ground helping in these devastated areas. Joining the Pin and over 50 other pieces of art, signed works, and other prizes up for auction is this "Mr. A" painting from Andre Saraiva, which puts his iconic design on a black background. Bidding starts on January 17 at 10:00pm Eastern via his RE/CREATE New York auction site. Even if you don't have the deep pockets to win a chance a this painting, you can still head to the site and donate what you can.

Auction Begins: January 17th, 2013 (Thursday), 10:00pm Eastern