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2014 Lexus IS

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Just a week before it is scheduled to make its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus decided to share photos of its hotly anticipated 2014 IS, giving us a full look inside and around this reworked luxury sedan. Obviously aimed to rival the likes of the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz's C-Class, and the Audi A4, this 2014 IS has a new look, including a sharper set of LED driving lights, a new sweeping aero kit, larger alloy wheels, and a larger, sharper front grille that may take some getting used to. The Japanese luxury carmaker also decided to lower the suspension and make the interior a bit more sporty, including more leg room as you settle in on the black-stitched leather seating. In addition to all these interior and exterior changes, buyers will also have their choice of two V6 engines - a 2.5-liter and a 3.5-liter - with a four-cylinder hybrid powerplant set for a future release.  If the additional looks after the jump aren't enough for you, stay tuned for more details as they emerge as the Auto Show commences.