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SELFRIDGES Unveils No-Noise Project

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Professional organizers (yes, they do exist) will tell you that to start the path to an organized closet, you must "declutter" your life first. But how could you these days when there is an incessant bombardment of news, rumors, daily updates, marketing materials, advertisements, and etc...!?!?!? The Brits may have found the answer to this quandary.

For a fresh start in the new year, British department store SELFRIDGES has setup its No-Noise initiative. Created in conjunction with Headspace, consultants specialized in modern meditation methods, SELFRIDGES re-introduced its Silence Room, a noise-dampening space where shoppers can get away the hustle and bustle of London's streets. But its more than just a temporary getaway, SELFRIDGES will be adding seminars with a "whole body & mind" approach from nutrition, meditation, to the creation of a quiet surrounding. Because it is a shopping destination, SELFRIDGES also included The Quiet Shop in-store retail concept, where all merchandise are "de-branded". Confident that shoppers can distinguish its products simply from packaging silhouettes, materials, colors, and quality alone, labels such as Levi's, Heinz, Clinique, Creme de la Mar, Marmite, even Beats by Dre have all become brand-less.

For more information on this unique project, visit its microsite online or SELFRIDGES flagship store in London. All "de-branded" products are also available through its online store.

40 Duke Street | Map
London W1U 1AT England

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