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WK Interact - "Project Brave" | Video

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Last September, 10 years after the tragic attacks on 9/11, WK Interact installed a large mural to pay tribute to the first responders who everyday don their uniform and serve as heroes to all of us; and that fateful day was no different. Installed at 149 Kent Ave and North 5th Street in Brooklyn, the mural stayed up for a month and featured the artist's signature in-motion creations, which seemingly capture their subjects at a moment in time. Although its over a year after the mural was featured on the streets, a video is just now gaining traction showing some behind-the-scenes looks at the street artist's work with firefighters, its installation, and WK explaining the project. Even with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everyone should take a minute or two in honor of these brave men and women, especially those who lost their lives in service.