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Teenage Engineering OD-11 - World's First Cloud Speaker

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Teenage Engineering OD-11 - World's First Cloud Speaker - 0

When the late audio engineer Stig Carlsson introduced his OD-11 speaker back in 1974, audiophiles around the world took notice. The smallest among all of Carlsson's creations, the OD-11 only has one woofer and one tweeter. Yet the quality of its design was such, it was able to produce sound on par or better than other bulky counterparts. Better still was the fact that the speaker's simple shape allows it to be on bookshelf, wall mounted, tabletop, or on the floor. Its versatility quickly made it a best seller, with over 100,000 units sold in Sweden alone.

Nearly 40 years later, the OD-11 will be available once again thanks the Stockholm-based Teenage Engineering, a technology firm with somewhat of an artisanal flair. Created in part with the Stig Carlsson Foundation, this new, re-imagined OD-11 speaker features all of the same design cues as the original, down to the one tweeter & woofer configuration and even the marketing material involving a cat. The similarities end there, however. Updated for today's usage, Teenage Engineering outfitted the new OD-11 with state-of-the-art hardware, improved sound processor, a 100W amplifier, WiFi modules, and Bluetooth 4 wireless technology. This allows the speaker to be stand-alone audio device since music can be "pull" from any Cloud-base network like the new Amazon music player wirelessly. One other innovation is the Ortho remote. You can control of OD-11 functions through this hockey puck-like peripheral. Since more than one can be link to one OD-11 speaker, you can simultaneously access different playlist or even spin out a new mix.

Introduced at CES this week as the world's first Cloud-powered speaker, the OD-11 by Teenage Engineering will be available starting this summer at around US$ 800.