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Smart ForTwo CityFlame Coupe and Cabrio

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It may not be as bold as what Jeremy Scott can do for the compact cruiser, but Smart has unveiled an eye-catching face-lift for the ForTwo called the CityFlame. Coming in both a couple and cabrio styles, the body panels are draped in a flame yellow paint set against contrasting a black tridion safety cell, door mirrors, and double-spoke 15-inch rims. With the roll-out of the standard 2013 Smart ForTwo just beginning, the CityFlame is aimed at consumers looking for more personalization and, with a matching colorway for the interior of the city car's trim, drivers will definitely stand out on the streets. Daimler is only producing 2,400 of these Cityflame models, all with five-speed automated manual transmissions connected to a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder in-line turbo gas engines capable of producing 70-horsepower, with their initial release limited to Europe beginning in April. Priced at approximately $19,000 USD for the coupe and $23,500 USD for the cabrio, expect this car to create quite the buzz at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.