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Fragment by United Visual Artists (UVA)

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Founded back in 2003, the United Visual Artists are an art and design practice based in London who focus on creating pieces that stand at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, digital creation, and live performance. With team members from around the world and across disciplines, the UVA push the boundaries with every project to make their work not only be pleasing to the eye, but above all meaningful and engaging. Comprised of 421 octahedron frames, the 7.7 meter high "Fragment" is UVA's attempt to explore our inability to properly register our environment thanks to the tricks our mind and eyes together play against us. Using the properties of reflection and refraction, when light is shined on this piece it creates an optical phenomena by reflecting light during the day and emitting it by night. Essentially, in addition to geometrical shapes, the team has effectively also made light a tangible, controllable piece of the work that encourages viewers to move and shift their perspective in order to understand the larger piece as a whole. "Fragment" is installed in the 96,000 sq-ft footwear emporium at the Treble Height Atrium within the Dubai Mall in Dubai, where it is expected to awe shoppers for many years to come. 

via: designboom