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Tactus Technology - Tactile Layer Touchscreen

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Now that we're in 2013, is it considered the 'future'? A company called Tactus Technology, based in Fremont, CA, thinks so with its new Tactile Layer Touchscreen, which brings back physical buttons to touchscreen devices. In development since 2007, the brand uses "innovative microfluidic technology" to have buttons appear when needed and disappear when not using a fluid pressure within the cover layer. With the potential to be used with eReaders, tablets, phones, and anything else with a screen display, Tactus Technology wants to emphasize that this isn't some Houdini magic show for your senses; these are real buttons that rise out of the surface of the screen when the keyboard is in use. In the coming years, Tactus hopes to partner with manufactures to integrate their Tactile Layer into devices without adding any significant thickness or substantial extra power. Although this may all sound like some movie magic, Tactus posted a few videos showing off their device and how it works. We've got them featured after the jump.