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FTC - "Spain Remix" | Video

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Filming for a skateboarding video can take up anywhere from weeks to years, and the bigger the project, the more likely much footage will be left out during editing. FTC has been out and about, shooting for their upcoming video, titled #Meetyouthere. The abundance of extra clips meant they were able to compile something extra for our viewing pleasure. This short edit is called Spain Remix, featuring the following FTC riders: David De Los Santos, Erik Pettersson, Raul Valencia Carrasco, Raul Navarro, Lupi, Deniz Yilmaz, Borja Arenas, Gunes Oz, Jack Curtin, Antony Lopez, Lucas Erlebach, Yoshiaki Toeda, James Capps, Jabari Pendleton, and Tom Penny. Once again, Ando Nesia is responsible for shooting and editing the film.