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Audi A4 Slot Car Track

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In order to give visitors interactive insight into the Audi A4's handling capabilities, the German automaker commissioned Slot Mods USA to create a 20 ft x 7 ft  hand-crafted track environment, featuring custom 1 to 32 scale model Audi A4 slot cars driven by iPad enabled controllers. The miniature A4s were 3-D printed and equipped with all-wheel drive slot chassis, then rigorously tested and custom tuned to reproduce the Audi advanced quattro drive system. Miniature HD 1080p webcams were installed at track level inside each vehicle, connected to the iPad through a custom app, effectively putting the driver in the in the cockpit of the car. The experience is captured in the following short film "Painting Coconuts," which also includes the personal story of David Beattie, founder of Slot Mods. Check it out below.