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Beyoncé By Terry Richardson - GQ February 2013 Cover | Interview + Behind The Scenes Look

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It's easy to understand why GQ would want to give us more looks from their recent February 2013 Cover Shoot with Beyoncé, which we previewed here. As soon as the full series hit the internet, her photos left only ashes in their wake; catching the Twitter world and every talking head in the business in the blaze. Simply put,  Queen Bey couldn't have been any hotter. And now, to try to satisfy the masses, GQ went back to the cutting room floor to release additional photos from Terry Richardson's session as well as a cheeky behind-the-scenes video, which can be accessed here. Still not enough B for you? Check out more from her initial interview that also didn't make the February issue with The Beyoncé Outtakes, full of gems like her upcoming appearance with Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl, why she doesn't want to wear her wedding ring, and how sometimes she's her own worst critic. Oh, and did we mention her photos are on fire?