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Clarity Bike by Designaffairs

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You're look at - and through- what German studio Designaffairs believes could be the future of bike frame engineering and production. Titled the Clarity Bike, the frame is constructed using Trivex, an alternative to polycarbonate with a military pedigree, that has a high impact resistance similar to that found in other modern, lightweight materials, but with a ride similar to that of old Italian steel frames. Thinking ahead, Designaffairs also decided to use Trivex because it is a material that can be injection molded, allowing for affordable and fast mass production with little chance for defect's as well as the possibility to expand its colors and interior contents. The compound also offers chemical resistance and thermal stability as it is virtually unaffected by most organic and inorganic chemicals and it can withstand very hot and cold temperatures. For all you cycling fanatics quick to ring in on the latest technology, just remember that the Clarity Bike is still in its conceptual stages and is meant more to prove the idea is valid before the team moves further in refining its structure. And with that as a measurement, you have to hand it to them.