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EyEFORcE - "Brave: The Story of a Blind Skateboarder" | Video

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We will never know our boundaries if we never push them, and these limitations are often set within our own minds. Tommy Carroll may look like an ordinary teenager, yet he has one disability which might not be easy to spot if you were to see him skating at his local skatepark. Carroll has been blind since the age of two, and through perseverance, he learned to ride a skateboard. He carefully navigates his way down to the skatepark in the early hours of the morning when there is no one around. It is unbelievable to see him drop in on the quarter pipe, skate around the bowl as if it was the back of his hand, and he even gets a few airs at the top of the coping. Check out the inspiring video produced by EyEFORcE below.