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Bicycle Barometer - Bike Commute or London Underground? | By Richard Pope

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The only thing harder than getting up and ready for work is sometimes the commute itself, especially if you have a couple of options. As you're making that decision whether to ride your bike or take the subway, its easy to get duped by just a quick glance out the window or a brief check of your mobile device about train delays. Thankfully, Londoners now have this handy device called the Bicycle Barometer designed by Richard Pope, which consolidates all the publicly available local weather and Underground data to help make the best choice for the ride to work. Obviously, a sunny day will get a nod toward the bike while a rainy day will get you headed toward the tube. An expected rain shower on the ride home and some planned track construction, however, will get you somewhere in-between, but at least you have the ability to make an informed decision. This concept obviously isn't a first of its kind with many cities and biking groups managing ones for their areas, but the ability to have one pull data for your exact route can't be beat. Watch it in action after the click.

via: PSFK