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Class Of… – “1960s” Collection Lookbook

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Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you have to admit that sometimes it can be a little eerie when you read one for a good laugh and its ends up being dead-on. That’s because there’s a lot of power behind the dates that we’re born, something that new French brand Class Of understands with the pieces featured in their 1960’s Collection Lookbook. With the creative team from Hype Means Nothing and Nous Sommes behind them, Class Of superimposes images of celebrities born from the same year into a make-believe class photo, including the likes of Edward Norton, P-Diddy, Jay Z and Ice Cube from ’69, Eazy E, Brad Pitt, and Tarentino from ’63. The ’60’s shirt includes Diego Maradona, Sean Penn, and Hugh Grant and, like the other two, comes in your choice of a black, white, or gray colorway. All available now from Class Of’s online shop. Check ’em after the click.