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Grotesk X Case Studyo - "6FT-6IN"

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Clearly a hip-hop version of the iconic leg lamp from A Christmas Story - and equally awe-inspiring - is this sculptural lamp from Brooklyn's own Grotesk and art publisher Case Studyo. Although its titled "6FT-6in," this hand-painted wood lamp with string bean legs and blocky Nike Air Force 1's is actually only 30-inches high and has been decades in the making. Wood was chosen to represent the years of battles for dominance of the hardwood that came to define basketball in the '90's, which was also the same timeframe that Grotesk (aka Kimou Meyer) earned his first pair of Nike's, beginning his love-affair with their shape. Each limited edition lamp comes signed and numbered by Grotesk within its own screenprinted wooden "shoe box," with a similar red/white/black colorway as the piece itself. You can pick one up by contacting Case Studyo directly via their online site.