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Nike's Largest Action Sports Store in Greater China opens in Beijing

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During Phil Knight's first visit to China back in 1980, he saw a clear opportunity to weave all things Nike into the fabric of the country's sports. Fast forward 30 years later and two back-to-back successful terms as the primary sponsor of Chinese Olympic athletes and Nike is ready to underscore their relationship with the next Chinese generation with their largest action sports store in Beijing, which just opened today, January 29.  Located on the fifth floor of the Joy City shopping center in the Xidan district - also known as the heart of the city's skateboarding community - the 100 sq/m store will carry a fully range of the latest in Nike sports footwear and apparel. Nike SB team members Eric Koston, Che Lin, Sean Malto, and the rest of the Chinese SB squad were there to help kick things off, show off gear, and meet with fans. In addition to produces, Nike outfitted the store with a mix of artistic elements, including a large mural, graffiti manhole covers, and exposed brick walls as well as an area to fix up your board, watch videos, and brush elbows with other skaters from the area. Even Nike visionary Phil Knight would have been hard-pressed to envision such a store 30 years ago - for Nike or for China.