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TENDER CO. "Hands-On" Mechanical Watch

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Best known for its handcrafted leather goods, workwear, and denim, British label TENDER CO. embarked onto the foray of horology circuit with its "Hands-On" Mechanical Watch. Like everything else, artisans assembled each timepiece by hand in TENDER CO.'s workshop. It features a hand-wound Swiss-made movement with a dial face rotated by 45° to ease reading of the time. Citing TENDER CO.'s long association with railwork, indices on the watch were made to look like train tracks, with the brand's Plautus logo as the 12 o'clock mark. Encased in solid stainless steel and protected by a reinforced acrylic crystal dome, there is also a clear caseback to observe the mechanical functions. Like the watch, the leather band itself went through an elaborate production process. Tanned for 18 month in oak bark, each fashioned to NATO-spec and appointed brass hardware. A true rustic work of art, the TENDER CO. "Hands-On" Mechanical Watch is currently available through select retailers around the globe, including Melbourne's Up There store.

Up There Store
1/11-15 McKillop Street | Map
Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia