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Vine App - Create and Share Short Looping Videos

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If you've looking to express yourself and you need a little more room than 140 characters to do it, you might want to check out Twitter's latest extension, Vine. Capable of producing and sharing short (we're talking about 6 seconds or less) looping videos with sound, Vine has been called the Instagram of video by some in the business. Officially announced by the Vine crew (Twitter acquired Vine Labs Inc) earlier this week, Vine brings your ability to share what you and your friends are doing, seeing, or hearing to an entirely new level, all neatly packaged in a .gif-like video. Using a very user-friendly interface, Vine helps you to record, process, and share your Vine however you like, utilizing your Twitter account as one way to quickly have a it. Time will tell if this mode of self-expression will catch on, but since its free to download off of iTunes there's no reason not to give it a go. You can find us on Vine under "Freshnessmag".