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Marantz Consolette Wireless Speaker Dock

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Its a shame when we can't share the music we love with others. Fortunately, Marantz has understood this dilemma for over 60 years, bringing the sounds we love to life through their high-end audio equipment just the way the artist intended. Not to be interrupted by the need to stay connected without actually being connected, Marantz has partnered with Feiz Design Studio to create the Consolette, their great looking wireless speaker system with docking capability. Everything about this speaker system is designed to fill the room with sound, including its V-shaped wedge design and the brand's own BMR drivers built to disperse its 150-watt powered sound across an entire 180 degree range. In addition to its polished walnut loudspeaker casing, Marantz maintains their high-end retro styling with the use of all-metal functions, which support wireless audio streaming and stand-alone radio even with no iOS device sitting in its dock. The Marantz Consolette is available at Marantz dealers throughout the UK and can also be found via Amazon.

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