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Omega Anti-Magnetic Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch

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Magnetic fields may not be as painful or obvious as gravity can be, but that doesn't mean that its affects can't still be felt by our gear. Each year, we are surrounded by more and more magnets, presenting the commonly used Faraday cages within our timepieces with an almost constant barrage of energy as they try to protect the watch's internal accuracy. Just a quick look around your desk probably reveals an iPad or similar device with a magnetic case built with at least 20 magnets around its edge. Now if you're holding that thing in your hand while waiting for a snack cooking in the microwave, you can see what we're talking about. Rising to the occasion, however, is Omega with their Anti-Magnetic Seamaster Aqua Terra watch, which uses a new inner soft iron case built with anti-magnetic components, called the Calibre 8508. With this in place, this watch can be protected far beyond the conventional piece on the market, up to 15,000 gauss. Paired with a black dial, a bright yellow second hand, and a stainless steel case and bad, this Seamaster Aqua Terra watch is ready to serve you and your family far into the future. It is expected to release sometime in 2013 at a currently undisclosed price..