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Hot Pop Factory - Pez Dispensers with 3D Printed Face

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It is becoming increasingly evident that 3D printers will be a huge part of our lives in the near future. Many designers are already embracing the emerging technology, and with its cost decreasing at a rapid pace, it is only a matter of time before every household will have a 3D printer, much like a conventional inkjet printer. Hot Pop Factory is a jewelry company that specializes in 3D-printed accessories, and their latest project involves people's faces and 3D printers, of course. After a client got in touch with them about making custom-designed gifts for the Holidays, they proceeded to make original Pez dispensers with individual faces on them. Every employee's face was scanned and then printed, replacing the conventional character head on the top of the dispenser. Although these are not for sale, these can be duplicated easily if you have access to 3D printers.