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Mercedes-Benz CLA Commercial For Super Bowl XLVII - Extended Version | Featuring Kate Upton, Usher, and William Dafoe

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Just days before, Mercedes-Benz and advertising firm Merkley + Partners reeled in countless viewers to their Super Bowl commercial teaser with the bodacious supermodel Kate Upton. Finally, the full version of that commercial is ready for public dissemination, though with a twist. In a clever "bait and switch" ploy, the commercial is completely different from the teaser and with just a few seconds of Kate Upton. Instead, it tells the tale of temptation and making a deal too good to be true with the Devil himself, or in this case actor William Dafoe.

See the extended version of Mercedes-Benz CLA commercial for this weekend Super Bowl XLVII and compare it with the deceiving teaser after the click.