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Samsung Mobile - "El Plato Supreme" Super Bowl XLVII Commercial | Featuring Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen

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In taking a lighthearted look at the often stodgy world of marketing pitch, actors Seth Regen and Paul Rudd ran through a gambit of jargons with a Samsung executive. Except the comical duo found out rather quickly the hurdles of trademarked terms and legal ramifications. As a result, the two came up with "El Plato Supreme", or "Big Plate", the "San Francisco 50 minus Oners", and the "Baltimore Black Birds". All jokes aside, this teaser might lead to the unveiling of something "big" by Samsung Mobile during this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII. Perhaps the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even a Note III and Galaxy S III. Stay glued to your television set this Sunday night to find out.