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Iron Man 3 - Super Bowl XLVII Commercial - Extended Version | Video

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Because a 30-second television ad spot during last night's Super Bowl XLVII cost around $3.8 million dollars each, Marvel Comics and its parent company Disney "redirected" viewers of the "most watched television program ever" to the Iron Man 3 Facebook page for the its extended trailer. With actor Robert Downey Jr. in the roles of billionaire Tony Stark and mechanical super hero Iron Man, the Superbowl commercial allowed Downey's eccentric sense humor to shine through while also showed the demise of Iron Man, albeit temporary. In the face of his arch nemesis Mandarin, the man/machine must recuperate all he had lost. The question is how? The last of the Iron Man trilogy and a segway to Avenger 2, Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3rd.