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Nike Running - Spring 2013 Men's Apparel Collection

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Just because our calendars may officially say Spring begins in March, Mother Nature doesn't necessarily work by our rules. Therefore, when you're out there doing your training, you need to be prepared for anything, including rain, wind, sun, and even ice. Luckily, Nike Running has done all the thinking for you with their new Men's Apparel Collection, providing you with versatile pieces with built-in layering. Comprised of three jackets, an engineered tight, three pairs of running shorts, and a Dri-Fit Knit Short Sleeve, each built with Nike's innovative fabrics and 3-D structure designed to help provide the warmth and breathability you need by creating a natural air pocket between the clothing and your body, capitalizing on your own body heat. At the same time, each piece is also built to let moisture escape and is constructed with all the functionality you need with an eye toward not weighing you down. Additional preview shots of Nike Running's Spring 2013 Men's Apparel Collection, which can be found at your favorite Nike retailer in the coming weeks, are after the jump.