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EN NOIR – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

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Logos have never made the man, but EN NOIR is so much more than just a label: it’s a projection of a way of life. Shot by acclaimed photographer and film director Nabil, modeled by Willy Cartier, and styled by Rita Zebdi, EN NOIR’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook showcases the luxury brand’s ability to blend premium fabrics with unmatched craftsmanship. These latest looks by Robert Garcia include jackets, trench coats, cardigans, t-shirts, jerseys, pants, and accessories, each with his signature dark motif with just a twist of contrast for depth. As with seasons past, leather is clearly the star, but you can’t go wrong with any of the pieces, which are expected to be released via EN NOIR’s re-launched website and at select retailers in the coming weeks.

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 01

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 02

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 03

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 04

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 05

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 06

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 07

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 08

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 09

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 10

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 11

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 12

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 13

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 14
en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 15

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 16

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 17

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 18

en-noir-springsummer-2013-collection-lookbook- 19