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COMME des GARçONS SHIRT - Fall/Winter 2013 Collection | Runway Show


COMME des GARçONS SHIRT combines the luxury and style of tailored clothing with the needs and interests of the younger generations, which also allows designer Rei Kawakubo to incorporate a wider range of color, emotion, and texture into her work, but never with any loss in their wearable feel. As the label behind this Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, the name itself denotes the subject of the runway show, with the shirts within the collection elevated to a statement-making level normally reserved for outer or formal wear, complete with the luxury fabrics, patterns, and colorways. After seeing such strong, tradition-minded pieces, it makes it hard to believe that such a collection can be born out of the same mind as the COMME des GARçONS Fall/Winter 2013 Collection we previewed earlier last month. Then again, what else do you expect from such a prolific and inspired designer?