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Air Jordan XIX (2004) - "XX8 Days of Flight" Collection


Among the Air Jordans to come after His Airness' very last NBA game, none has the distinction of Air Jordan XIX. Introduced in 2004, the Air Jordan XIX featured a sheath-like upper called Tech Flex. Made to Jordan's own specifications, it gave Michael Jordan a wide range of motion. Thus, made the AJ19 the most flexible and lightest Air Jordan to date. In addition to its unique silhouette and technical attributes, Michael Jordan actually rejected the initial marketing proposal that called for a black mamba as the inspiration behind the Air Jordan XIX. What not many people knew at the time that Jordan was ophidiophobia, or fearful of snakes. Of course, the black mamba marketing proposal later found its place with Kobe Bryant. In black/neon green color scheme, this Air Jordan XIX is the 19th entry to Jordan Brand's #XX8DaysofFlight Collection as we approach the official launch of Air Jordan XX8 later this month.