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Apple To Create A Smart Watch with Bendable Curved Glass | Rumor

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After seeing its once irrefutable lead in the smartphone market quickly eroding to the likes of Samsung, Apple is striking onto the new pasture of smart watches. Reported by both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Apple is currently in the developing phase of a watch-like wearable device. According to several anonymous sources, the new device will operate on Apple's iOS operating platform and features a bendable "curved glass" dial, most likely the so-called "Willow Glass" by Corning, the same supplier of iPhone's Gorilla Glass. While the watch would not be as thin as the KICKSTARTER funded CST-01 (see above), it will likely include hi-res color display (Retina Display?) and crammed with options (Siri?). As usual, Apple refused to comment about the subject though its CEO Tim Cook wears his Nike+ FuelBand on all occasions.

via: NYTimes//WSJ