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BRAUN - BNC010 Global Radio Clock

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German brand BRAUN has been in the consumer products industry for almost 100 years now, producing everything from grooming products, to beauty care items, food and drink preparation tools, and other household goods. But, one of the core product lines for the brand has and always will be their clock and watch business, which their founder Max Braun frist built the brand around at a small engineering shop in Frankfurt. Braun's products - as seen in this latest BNC010 Global Radio Clock  - have always been designed to be heavy on the functionality, but minimalist in design, which allows the product's abilities to speak for themselves. Measuring in at 180mm x 90mm x 56mm, the Global Radio Clock is able to automatically set to the location of the traveler it is accompanying using the country's own radio controlled signal. If a signal isn't available, you can manually adjust the time using the reverse LCD display and its high viability back-light. As expected, it also has AM/FM radio functionality, 6 channel presets, and a snooze function. The  BNC010 Global Radio Clock from Braun comes in blue, white, or black and is available directly from their online shop for $100.