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mastermind JAPAN x Stussy - World Tribe "Shadow Skull" T-Shirt | EYESCREAM Exclusive

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Among the numerous products from the mastermind JAPAN and Stussy collaboration, there was this, the mastermind JAPAN x Stussy - World Tribe "Shadow Skull" T-Shirt. Instead of the usual course of superimposing the Stussy World Tribe graphic onto the mastermind JAPAN's skull and crossbones logo, the collaborators did something very different. To achieve the desirable "shadow effect", each tee went through a labor intensive four-step process, with Stussy World Tribe graphics first printed on the front and back, followed by mastermind JAPAN logo screen-printed on the tee's inside. The effect is somewhat surreal and subversive at first glance that only reveal itself when holding up against a bright light source. Available as an exclusive offering to EYESCREAM magazine readers first, follow by a limited release via ZOZOMESSE forum of ZOZOTOWN shopping network.