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Deathwish x Supra Pistol

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It is only natural that Supra and Deathwish, a Los Angeles-based skateboard company set up by Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds, and Erik Ellington, would team up as their roster of professional skateboarders overlaps. Supra and Deathwish both sponsor Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Lizard King, and Neen Williams. As the name suggests, the skateboarders on Deathwish lean on the hardcore side of the lifestyle, reflected in the motorcycle club-inspired concept. Distressed black leather imitates the well-worn riding jacket, while the double-brand tongue patch mimics the club name that appears on the back of the jackets. Furthermore, the shoes come with custom artwork on the footbed, featuring illustrations of Jim Greco and Erik Ellington. These shoes are accompanied by a matching black coach jacket as well.