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Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke

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Just because he's packed up his looks showcased at New York's Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs isn't finished rolling out new designs. The only twist is that this time he's turned his focus toward creating limited edition cans for a beverage that fuels the fashion world, Diet Coke. Recently named as the creative director for Diet Coke, Jacobs has drawn up three cans celebrating each decade that makes up the company's 30th Anniversary, with a bow-tie themed can for the '80's empowered woman, a model in pink for the extravagant '90's, and a playful, sporty look that is very Jacobs for the 2000's. The final piece includes Jacobs himself bearing his chest for a new Diet Coke commercial, allowing him to firmly put his own stamp on the legacy of the Coca-Cola brand. Following Jean Paul Gaultier's limited edition puppet short film trilogy last year, this is a far more accessible and straight-forward collection, which Jacobs reveals in more detail in an interview featured after the jump. All three designs will be available on cans and bottles beginning February 25 so make sure to drink up and enjoy.