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Google Project Glass - User Interface Preview | Video

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Google is getting excited to take its version of always being connected to the general public, releasing a more detailed preview of its Google Project Glass and its user interface. Expanding on the Skydiving Demo and their In-Depth Look presented at their Google I/O Conference, we see the headset in action, recording video, conducting Google searches, sharing content, and translating, all with a simple voice-activated command. The preview, featured after the jump, also gives a more accurate depiction of what the headset will look like, which currently includes a thin battery pack behind the right ear that follows through to a camera along the temple arm. Buzz and pent-up demand has surely been growing for a chance to snag a pair since Google first announced the project last summer and will no doubt continue to swell as more select developers and users get a chance to try them out via their #ifihadglass program. Although Google notes they are still in the early days of the device, they've come a long way toward introducing a whole new world to us and that's certainly something worth sharing.