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PROJECT Show Las Vegas SSUR Installation

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Seen the opportunity ripe for something out of the ordinary, artist/designer Ruslan Karablin, or better known by his nom de guerre of SSUR, transformed his designated booth at PROJECT MVMNT into grisly crime scene. Behind ribbons of yellow police tapes, fake $50 and $100 bills strewn about while stacks of uncut cocaine, cash bundles, and an arsenal fit for a small nation neatly lined the four corners. Then there was the gruesome centerpiece, a decomposed torso minus the hands, feet, and head. The extremities were not far from where they fell, except now caked up in dirt and dried blood.

There won't be any clothing or accessories from his immensely popular COMME des FUCKDOWN Collection or new iterations of his Caviar Cartel line. Instead, SSUR's booth is an exercise in artistic expression, though rumored to be censored by PROJECT Show at first. It is also a fictitious recreation of crime, its various forms, and its vicious cycle.