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adidas Originals Watch Collection - Spring 2013

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adidas Originals Watch Collection - Spring 2013 - 0

Since its an accessory many can't do without, adidas Originals will be liven up its timepiece collection for Spring 2013 with the new adidas Originals Newburgh Watch. Trefoil's take on the classic diving watch, the Newburgh is rugged and somewhat understated in its matte nylon case. For a bit of flair, all four variations feature a large "3" on the dial. If you prefer a matching ensemble, head to toe, the Camo Collection is available as well. Featuring four classics, the Sydney, the Santiago, the Santiago XL, and the Stockholm, each adorned with new woodland camo appliqué. Finally, for those not afraid to stand out, adidas Originals reworked its Santiago model into Neon Gold Collection. A total of Five editions, all with monochromatic dial and band in bold neon color. A hint of gold on the top ring and hands to complete that "pop" visual effect.

The adidas Originals Watch Collection for Spring 2013 is now available through all adidas Originals dealers, flagship stores, and the adidas online shop.