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archer - Distillery, European Sports Car, + Hunting Lodge Scented Air Fresheners

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For far too long, our air has been dominated by plug-in attempts to replicate fields of flowers, waterfalls, or bushels of freshly picked oranges. To help stem the tide and fight back, guys can now arm themselves with ArcherMen's more manly range of air fresheners, which offer Distillery, European Sports Car, and Hunting Lodge. Distillery offers an aura of charred oak and bourbon while Hunting Lodge has hints of guns and fresh timber, but it is the European Sportscar, with smells of Italian leather and cologne, that is sure to fill your nostrils with joy. Each comes in an eco-friendly can and are safe, water-based solutions to that pile of clothes you've been meaning to attend to. The Archer Air Superiority collection is available for $14 each or you get pick-up all three for $42 via their online shop.