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OriginalFake KAWS Companion "Resting Place" Vinyl Figure - Grey + Black | Release Reminder

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Today marks the end of an era as OriginalFake, the trendsetting lifestyle brand started by MEDICOM TOY, Brooklyn-based artist KAWS, along with NEXUSVII, puts out what could quite possibly be its very last vinyl figure. Thus, it is quite fitting for the caricature to be Companion, one of KAWS' most popular, and the pose to be Resting Place, signifying the end, in a way. The grey version will be available for purchase starting at Noon today through the online store, while both the black and grey editions will be launched the next day at OriginalFake's flagship store in Tokyo. Because of its "finality," expect pandemonium when the figure drops later on today.

KAWS Online Store

Release Date: February 22rd, 2013 (Today!) | Noon EST

5-3-25 Minami-Aoyama Oh Bldg. B1 FL | Map
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL #: +81-03-3499-3333

Release Date: February 23rd, 2013 (Saturday) | Lottery Base Only