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PALACE Skateboards - "Powers Surge" | Video

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Born in Queens, Shawn Powers is the first American to earn his paychecks on the London-based skate team PALACE Skateboards. Now that he's been with the team a year, the company decided to release a video showcasing the young pro skater's personality and style in this six minute piece called "Powers Surge." Shot with an old school video camera and produced on VHS to give it that grainy, authentic feel complete with shaky frames, classic rap tracks, and low-quality resolution all to capture his runs in true '80's and '90's fashion.

Shot mostly in New York City by Nick von Werssowetz along with footage by Joe Bressler and Peter Sidlauskas, this video is a must for anyone who has spent some time on a skateboard or who just needs a break to listen to some throwback rap. Find it after the click.