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2013 Ferrari LaFerrari

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Somehow this 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari snuck under LaRadar up until its reveal this morning at the Geneva Auto Show. Compliments to Ferrari on that one. The latest in a long line of beautifully crafted, super-exotic speed demons from the Italian automaker, the LaFerrari also has another ace up its sleeve: it's a hybrid. Paired with its 6.3-liter V12 gas engine capable of producing 800-hp is a HY-KERS electric engine that tacks on another 163 horses, making the total torque just over 663 lb/ft and its 0-to-62mph time just under 3 seconds. Keep pressing down on the gas pedal and you'll hit 124 mph in 7 seconds and its max speed of 205 mph in no time. Literally. Under its beautiful exterior, you'll find four different types of carbon fiber used to create one of the stiffest and lightest chassis on the market, which is combined with ultra-lightweight calipers, carbon ceramic brakes, and a 41/59 percent front/rear weight distribution. Of course, there's still some details we don't know about Ferrari's new stallion, like its cost, but we do know that only 499 will be produced.