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Spring Breakers - Production Stills | First Look

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Beneath the well rehearsed dialogs, carefully placed lights, and positioned camera, there are subtle hints of realism in Harmony Korine's films. Like his screenplay for the 1995 film Kids, which depicted the sex and drugs fueled lifestyle of New York City teens, Korine's new film, Spring Breakers, brings a similar theme of wasted youth onto the beaches of South Florida, exasperated by the need to have fun.

The cast that includes actresses Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Harmony's wife Rachel Korine, along with an unrecognizable James Franco in cornrows as the local gangster, the film tells of a rapid descend into the criminal underbelly of spring break culture. Scheduled to debut in New York City and Los Angeles on March 15th, Spring Breakers will be playing at select theaters nationwide starting on March 22nd. In the meantime, see the expansive collection of production stills from the movie set, many shot extemporaneously during scenes for a touch of realism.

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