Petra Island Frank Lloyd Wright House For Sale


Known around the world as one of the greatest American architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright has designed some beautiful homes, including the home in Pennsylvania known as Fallingwater. Wright had always planned to surpass the beauty of that home, which he drew plans up for, but unfortunately he would never see the final product in his lifetime; instead, the plans were taken up by Joe Massaro and architect Thomas Heinz, creating what is now known as the Massaro house on Petra Island. The island where the 5,000 sqft cottage itself was built is heart-shaped and is located just 47 miles north of Manhattan, incorporating the native rock into the interior along with a large cantilevered deck spanning over Lake Mahopac. The home is also wrapped with windows, utilizing the daylight and taking in the natural beauty of the island surrounding the home. This stunning Petra Island home is currently listed for $19,900,000 and is furnished with many Wright-designed pieces so that its future owners are sure to experience that signature Wright feel.