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2013 Honda Civic WTCC Racecar

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Honda has unveiled their new 2013 Civic WTCC Racecar at the Geneva Motor Show, which is probably the best you'll see it once the IAF World Touring Car Championship begins later this month in Italy. Resulting from extensive wind-tunnel testing, the length of the Civic's front and rear skirt has been extended, helping to reduce overall drag, while modified wheel-wells and streamlined curves help to enhance aerodynamics. Under the hood, Honda has inserted an 1.6-liter inline-four with a turbocharger and direct injection that has been extensively tested on the track, but so far it seems Honda is holding those specs and test results close to their chests. Other modifications include an improved suspension and braking system that the team hopes will help drive this hatchback to a spot on the podium in all 12 of the series' upcoming races, including the stop in Sonoma on September 8, the event's first trip back to the United States in several years. See more advanced shots at this powerful 5 door after the jump.