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adidas Originals x Kazuki Kuraishi - Retrograde Resistance 84-Lab Spring 2013 Footwear

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Spurn off from their ObyO and KZK collaborations, adidas Originals and Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi ushered in 2013 with the new "Retrograde Resistance 84-Lab". Abbreviated to just "84-Lab", the collection is Kuraishi's playful interpretation of class versus new, natural pitting against synthetics, casual lifestyle fused with performance technology. From the ZXZ ADV, the collection's new iteration of classic ZX-Series, to the Torsion Allegra, there are hints of elements seen in previous his ObyO collection as well as the silhouettes he created for fragment design. In all, there are five designs to select from, along with an full-line of apparel collection, all are available now through select adidas Originals retailers in Europe.